Children’s Podiatry

Help your child live their best life with children’s podiatry.

 How can you ensure you give your child the best possible start in life? Are they able to play sport, join in life’s activities, and explore the world around them, free from pain? Children’s podiatry can help your child build an incredible life from the ground up, and the expert podiatrists at Podiatry First Sports will ensure your child’s feet, ankles, and legs are strong, healthy, and pain-free.

Children's podiatry offering strong, healthy and pain free life.

Is pain stopping your child enjoying life’s activities?

Children are constantly developing and changing, and because of this, the foot, ankle and leg problems that they suffer from are very different to those of adults. Which is why our podiatrists at Podiatry First Sports recommend a children’s podiatry assessment if your child complains of aching/tired legs or feet, is having difficulty walking, or experiences pain when playing sport. 

Some common issues that we see with children are:

But our caring, experienced podiatrists can assess your child’s lower limb biomechanics and muscle structure, and provide you with a treatment plan specific to your child’s needs, and includes expert footwear fitting. And don’t worry, we’ll be with you every step of the way by continually monitoring their progress. 

Which means they can get back to enjoying all that life has to offer, and you can rest assured that you’re helping them build an incredible life from the feet up!

Commonly asked questions

Here’s the answers to some commonly asked questions, making it easier for you to find the right Adelaide podiatrist to get you back on your feet and enjoying life again.   

No you do not need a referral.
Yes if you are covered for Podiatry under extras you can use your health fund, we have HICAPS at all clinics so you can claim on the spot.
In a few cases, such as Diabetic patients, Podiatry can be claimed through medicare, this is at your GPS’s discretion.

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