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After being in practice for many years, our expert Adelaide podiatrists have learnt a thing or two about podiatry. And we want to share our knowledge and experience with you so that you can take the first step on the road to an incredible, pain and injury-free life.

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New Shoe Review – Mizuno Wave Sky

6 tips for buying new running shoes

How Julie got back to running

High arch or low arch. Does it matter when choosing a running shoe? Adelaide Podiatrist Discusses.

Which running shoe is best for me? Part III. Adelaide Podiatrist gives advice.

Which running shoe is best for me? Part II. Adelaide Podiatrist gives advice.

When is a good time to buy new running shoes? Our Pod has a say…

Hey Ladies, I recommend you wear Heels!

Adelaide podiatrist discusses shoes

West Lakes Podiatrist talks about Heel Pain

Adelaide Podiatrist, Adam Wiles reviews the new Nike Vomero

How Anna Got back into Running again

Brooks Dyad Video Review

Low Dye Strap for Heel Pain and arch support

The Santos Tour Down Under 2015: An Adelaide Podiatrist talks cycling shoes

The Santos Tour Down Under 2015: Common cycling injuries and how our Adelaide Podiatrist can help!

Back-to-school; a podiatrist’s guide on buying children’s shoes.

Foot stress fractures and management with the Alter-G Treadmill: an Adelaide Podiatrist explains

An Adelaide Podiatrist’s shoe review: Mizuno Wave Hitogami

Summer Sandals: An Adelaide Podiatrist’s review on Birkenstock

Our Adelaide Podiatrist talks recovery after The City to Bay 2014

Introducing the NEW Asics GEL-Kayano 21 available now! The facts from a West Lakes Podiatrist

Podiatry First Sports offers dry needling, West Lakes

Are You Wearing The Correct Shoe To Run Or Walk The City To Bay? A Podiatrist’s Guidelines On Buying The Correct Shoe For Your Needs.

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