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Podiatry First Sports is Adelaide’s most progressive Podiatry Practice. We focus on treating injuries of the foot and leg sustained through exercise or just day to day life. Our Podiatrist, Adam Wiles has a keen interest in Sports Podiatry and many years experience treating a range of sports related injuries.

Our CBD Clinic is located nearby the award winning Globe Medical, allowing us to work together to help you overcome injury and improve your performance.

Call us to book an assessment and let us get you pain free again.

At Podiatry First Sports we analyse the foot and leg and assess each client by means of standing, walking and running on a specialised computer system.

Podiatry First sports orthotics are unique arch supports, custom designed for individual feet.
We offer a range of solutions that can cater for all budgets and footwear.

With our knowledge of foot and leg mechanics, we can perform a thorough bio-mechanical assessment followed by immediate walking/running shoe prescription.

Feet feeling or looking worse for wear? A Podiatry First routine consultation will rejuvenate them in 30 minutes.

At Podiatry First we have a specific range of orthotics that are designed for children and cost effective, taking into account their growing feet.

Almost everyone will suffer from an ingrown toenail at some point in their life. If treated quickly and effectively, discomfort can be prevented.

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