Common Sports & Lifestyle Problems

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No matter whether it’s sports injuries or general podiatry issues that are holding you back and stopping you from enjoying what you love, we can help. At Podiatry First Sports, our expert podiatrists accurately diagnose and effectively treat people every day, just like you, with many common foot, ankle, knee, and leg problems.

Sports Injuries

We know how much you love your sport. So, overcome the sports injuries that have you sidelined, and get back in the game with expert diagnosis, treatment, and prevention methods from our podiatrists.

Running Injuries

Runners are passionate about running. But if injuries are stopping you from hitting the road or trails, our podiatrists can help by providing expert diagnosis, treatment, and future injury prevention advice.

Ingrown Toenails

What can start out as a seemingly minor problem can soon turn into a major, painful issue. But luckily, our podiatrists are experts at treating ingrown toenails, so you can quickly get back to day-to-day life. 

Heel Pain

Take the first step towards enjoying life again and doing what you love, without heel pain. Our podiatrists will find and treat the cause of your pain, so you’ll have long-lasting, effective results. 

Knee Pain

Do you have arthritis or injury which is causing knee pain? Does your child suffer from knee pain? Our podiatrists treat the cause, not just the symptoms, which means you can enjoy life again, without pain.

Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can severely affect your enjoyment of life and inhibit your daily activities. Fortunately, our podiatrists will provide the diagnosis and treatment which will have you back on your feet again, fast.

Nail & Skin Care

It’s the little things that can make a big difference in daily life. And with expert nail and skincare provided by our podiatrists, you can keep doing the things you love, without worrying about your feet.  


Bunions can greatly restrict your day-to-day life; footwear choices are limited, the likelihood of falls increases, and mobility decreases. But our expert podiatrists will soon have you back on your feet.

Tendon Pain

Rediscover your love of all of life’s activities, free from tendon pain. Our expert podiatrists will diagnose, treat, and manage the cause, meaning you can get back to enjoying life, free from the debilitating pain. 

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