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Which running shoe is best for me? Part II. Adelaide Podiatrist gives advice.

The next time you are thinking about replacing your running shoes or if you’re buying your first pair, don’t get fixated on a brand. Shoes in every brand change every year and what you do on your feet changes every year, so be reassessed and explore all the options when it comes to choosing a shoe.

Sure, if a previous shoe or brand has worked in the past than it is worth looking at, but too often I see runners incur new problems when they have just updated their shoe wear without knowing if there have been changes.

As I have mentioned previously, my job is to recommend and fit shoe wear that I suspect will be comfortable. The firmness or softness, fit, upper material configuration, heel cup padding, flex groove configuration are just a few features that can change every year.

Getting nervous? Don’t worry as there are people out there who are trained in helping with this and keeping up to date with the changes..

Happy running and I’ll be back for more!

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Adam Wiles

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