Which running shoe is best for me? Adelaide Podiatrist discusses running shoe comfort

Which running shoe is best for me is a question I often get in my practice, from aspiring and experienced runners.

I can honestly say over anything else, the best shoe for you will be the most comfortable shoe. Hmmmm comfort you say? How do we determine that? Well over the next few weeks I’ll talk about the factors that lead me to determining what someone might find comfortable in a running shoe.

Often the first thing is to consider what has happened up until now. Where do you run, how often, what surface, what are your old shoes, what size, any noticeable wear patterns, past or current injury just to name a few……

Take the phrase ‘where do you run?’ If you are one to predominantly run from home then invariably you will be running on bitumen. There are cambers, temperature variations in the surface that affect the life and performance of the shoe.shoes jpg

Ok, so you get the picture, there alot of considerations here! Feeling nervous about that online shoe purchase?

Stick with me over the next few weeks and I’ll get down to the nitty gritty of what matters when selecting a running shoe...