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When is a good time to buy new running shoes? Our Pod has a say…

‘Hey podiatrist,

I want to know which running shoe I should purchase, can you help me?’

Often my patients will be looking for advice on what shoe is right for them. As in the previous post, I made it obvious there are a number of considerations here…

This leads me to discussing when is a good time to purchase new shoes. Well, not in the morning and not without your old shoes. The best time to purchase new shoes is in the afternoon or immediately after a run. When trying on shoes, the runner is normally left to make a decision based on comfort. If your feet are swollen or sensitive from a run, generally it is easier to know whether a shoe is comfortable of not.

Does the new shoe push in the right spots, or does it rub on those toes that feel a little sore after your 5km run?

Bring the socks you normally run in and stop doing the foot wet test to determine your foot type. It doesn’t work.

Right, there you go. See you again soon for the next tip!

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Adam Wiles

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