Train through injury – Alterg anti-gravity treadmill

Lately we have had a lot of injured athletes coming through to us at Podiatry First Sports, perhaps you can relate? These Athletes had been unable to train, were losing fitness or struggling to recover from injury. We have had injured tri-athletes preparing for their next triathlon, A league soccer players, AFL and SANFL footballers, and a full range of weekend warriors.

As you know when you are an athlete of any ability, it is so important to get back on track quickly to minimalize fitness loss and keep yourself motivated. The benefit to maintaining a fitness program through injury is multi layered. Not only do you return to training closer to where you stopped, but you will have kept specific fitness and ranges of motion in your feet, legs and hips.

The reason I’m telling you this is we have been seeing some amazing results on our AlterG Treadmill. The AlterG treadmill enables you to:

Run or Walk whilst injured

Maintain specific running or walking fitness during injury recovery

Keep a joint moving through it’s specific ranges of motion post surgery

It does this by:

Reducing the effect of gravity (or load) on your muscles, joints and tendons

Supporting you through your hips while you walk or run at specific speeds and loads

Gradually increasing load over time, preparing you for exercise at normal load.

These athletes have been getting some fantastic results, getting back on the sporting field faster and fitter by using our ALterG treadmill recovery program. Here’s what we have decided to do:

This financial year we have decided to put together this great offer. You can get access to our AlterG treadmill recovery program for a fraction of the normal cost. With our AlterG program you get:

Assessment of Injury and Training Goals

Customized walking and running recovery program

Run or walk for 20-60 minutes on our AlterG Treadmill.

We are currently offering a Gap Free Initial Consult and treadmill session (Normal Value $85) along with follow up sessions for $40. (Normal Value $55) Health fund rebates are available, so your out of pocket expense maybe as little as $10.

So if you would like to recover quicker and maintain your fitness, Give us a call on 8232 2268 or send us an email with the title “Accelerate my Recovery” and let us get you back moving again.

Can’t wait to help you out!


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