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The Santos Tour Down Under 2015: Common cycling injuries and how our Adelaide Podiatrist can help!

There has been a serious increase of MAMILs (middle aged men in lycra) on our roads! It must be The Santos Tour Down Under 2015 season…

‘Cycling injuries’ is usually an under rated topic in Podiatry and usually takes the back seat to ‘running injuries’. However, leading into the big event cycling injuries become more common…

Leg and foot injuries from cycling are usually by inadequate preparation, inappropriate bike set-up or shoes, poor technique and overuse or an acute accident. Unfortunately acute injuries from bike accidents are also common.

Some of the commonly seen lower leg and foot conditions caused by cycling are: 

  • Metatarsalgia (pain at the ball of the foot) and numbness of the foot: could be caused by shoes/cleats that are too tight and or too rigid.
  • Stress fractures: could be caused by overuse, inappropriate shoes/cleats or underlying bone weakness.
  •  Medial tibial stress syndrome: could be caused by overuse, inadequate preperation, poor technique.
  • Knee pain: could be caused by inappropriate bike set-up, poor technique and overuse.

Initial management of these injuries and pain should include rest, ice, reduction in cycling intensity and podiatry/physio management. Long term management pays special attention to bike fit, peddling mechanics/technique and footwear/cleat fit.

If you are experiencing leg/foot pain or a particular cycling injury, here is OUR ADVICE TO YOU: 

  1. Reduce cycling frequency
  2. Check bicycle fit – seat height, handlebar position, gear mechanics and pedals
  3. Identify any exacerbating activities/predisposing injuries – think to yourself, “what creates the pain and what makes the pain go away”
  4. Stretching and strengthening

For more information on the Santos Tour Down Under visit they’re website:


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