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The Santos Tour Down Under 2015: An Adelaide Podiatrist talks cycling shoes

Like running shoes, the cycling shoe world has numerous types, brands, models, fits and colours to cycling shoes. And similarly they will all fit slightly different to each other. In this topic we will cover some of the bare basics to cycling shoes and their anatomy.

The Anatomy:

 1. Cleat –  is attached to the sole of a
cycling shoe and “clips in” to the
mechanism on the pedal

2. Road Cycling shoe features:

• smooth, rigid sole
• bent slightly at the ball of the foot which allows power
• exposed cleat

3. Mountain Bike shoe features:

• Recessed cleat
• Rigid midsole
• Profiled outsole so that riders can negotiate difficult terrain off their bikes.

4. Other variations:

Spin Shoes
– Upper material is lighter and thinner
Triathlon Shoes
– Designed for rapid fitting
and removal

Where to next? FAQs….

Where in Adelaide do you get cycling shoe advice and to purchase?

Click here for a range of specialist cycle shops across Adelaide suburbs.

Where can I get advice on bike fit?

Specialist bike stores across Adelaide are trained in bike fittings to your height, weight and personal needs. There will be tonnes of helpful people and information during the Santos Tour Down Under 2015 also. Check their webpage for information.


Ouch! I think I may have injured my foot while cycling. Who should I see?



For details on our Podiatry clinic and to book an appointment visit www.podiatryfirstsports.com.au

Happy Cycling!

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