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Summer Sandals: An Adelaide Podiatrist’s review on Birkenstock

The good, comfy and not so ugly!

BIRKENSTOCK footwear have been a world-renowned  for generations. However, it has caught my eye this spring that they have officially re-entered the ‘fashion world’. Women, in particular  have traded their flashly sandals and flimsy thongs for the German-made summer sandal. Why?! Who knows! Perhaps it’s the high-end fashion icons wearing Birkenstock sandals on the runways, on billboards and in catalogues. To be honest, it is a relief to finally recommend a fashion-based shoe, that is Podiatrist friendly, and patient’s won’t pull a disgusted look on recommendation! And to all the fashion-savy men out there; there’s men options available too!

Birkenstock is a German brand which is the surname of the original shoemaker Johann Adam Birkenstock, back in 1774. The shoe design has progressed and adapted through the Birkenstock family generations. Today, it stands as one of the best quality and durable footwear options with several unique features. Birkenstock shoes and sandals are often recommended by Podiatrists  for their structure, support and comfort.

It is a great summer alternative to wearing a closed-in shoe (plus an orthotic)! It offers medial and lateral arch support to maintain a functional foot position. You don’t have to suffer foot pain/leg pain by wearing non-supportive sandal, slip-ons or thongs!

Birkenstock sandal features:

1- EVA outsole for increased shock absorption and comfort

2- Lower jute layer provides stability

3- cork latex midsole provides support and comfort

4- Upper jute layer absorbs moisture

5-Suede leather lining for greater breathability and temperature control

1- Footbed edge to protect toes

2- Toe bar assists natural toe grip

3- Transverse arch support for the metatarsals

4- Medial and lateral arch support

5- Deep heel cup for even weight distribution and minimal rearfoot motion

OTHER: there are multiple styles, sizes and widths available to men and women!

(Birkenstock Australia 2014)


– Wear in the sandal like an orthotic, as it is supportive! One hour for day one, two hours for day two etc.. By day seven it should be tolerated full-time.

– If you have foot pain or low leg pain seek Podiatry advice first for specific advice and management

– Get sized-up properly as there are different styles, sizes and widths. For information on Birkenstock Stockists in Adelaide visit: www.birkenstockaustralia.com.au/retailers.php?postcode=&state=SA


Birkenstock Australia 2014, viewed 27th October 2014, <http://www.birkenstock.com.au/footbed>

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