Routine Treatment

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Many skin and nail problems are caused by foot biomechanics and shoe wear. This can lead to excessive pressures to the feet which create discomfort and sometimes pain.

Some of the most common skin and nail concerns are;

 > Corns and callus – thickening of the skin in isolated areas creating a hard patch of skin

 > Plantar warts – caused by a viral infection, treated with special paste within the clinic

 > Split/cracking heels

 > Toenails – correct nail trimming can reduce changes of Ingrown Toenails along with correct fitting shoes

 > Fungus or tinea

Routine Treatment

A Podiatry First Sports routine consultation will rejuvenate them in 30 minutes by the following:
> Soothing tea tree and lavender footbath

> Cut, buff and file nails. Fix minor ingrown nails

> Remove corns, callus and sand away any dry skin 5 minute foot massage and tea tree oil on toes

 > Identify future problems

> Advice on nail and foot fungus/tinea

 > Treatment for warts

Most frequent questions and answers


No you do not need a referral.

Yes if you are covered for Podiatry under extras you can use your health fund, we have HICAPS at all clinics so you can claim on the spot.

In a few cases, such as Diabetic patients, Podiatry can be claimed through medicare, this is at your GPS’s discretion.