Prolotherapy Now Offered At Podiatry First Sports

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Podiatry First Sports is now offering prolotherapy to help with the treatment of chronic pain in tendons, ligaments and joints. Prolotherapy works by increasing the strength  of tendons and ligaments by promoting new connective tissue growth. It essentially stimulates healing where an injury has become stuck  along the healing “cascade”.


We can apply the therapy to chronic heel pain (Plantar fasciitis), Achilles tendon and tendon insertion pain, chronic ankle pain following sprains, other foot tendonitis’s and joint pain.

The therapy involves a series of  injections of a mixture of local anaesthetic and glucose into the sites of pain. The local anaesthetic brings immediate relief from the pain for a short time. This is followed by a short period of inflammation in the area. 2-3 treatments are usually required, usually around 2 weeks apart.  The needles used are very fine, and pain is minimal due to the use of combined anaesthetic.

Contact us at either our CBD or West Lakes clinics to speak to Tom or Adam for more information.

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