Podiatry First Sports offers dry needling, CBD and West Lakes

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Did you know that Podiatry First Sports offers dry needling? If you are unaware of what dry needling actually is, then read further..


What is it?

Dry needling is a form of “non-injection”, where the needle is in a solid form, unlike other needles which are used to inject a fluid such as local anaesthetic or cortisone. Once injected into the tissue, it relies on the stimulation of specific body reactions to target that tissue for a therapeutic effect; that is releasing “knots” or “trigger points” in specific muscles!

To remove trigger points or knots in muscles they could be massaged out, however this can be a very uncomfortable and lengthy experience. Dry needling has the same results as massage release, but is a lot more direct, less painful and a faster treatment option.

Does dry needling hurt?

Not everyone reacts the same to dry needling, but the easiest way to answer this is; it doesn’t hurt like getting an injection from the Doctor! The needle size used in dry needling is tiny compared to other needles, therefore you won’t necessarily feel it “go in”. However, it’s mechanism of action is to release trigger points or knots in muscles which feels unusual, and can be like a twitching sensation (in my opinion). Some people feel like they have a small bruise after they’ve had dry needling, but others will feel perfectly fine.

What’s the difference between acupuncture and dry needling?

Dry needling is used to differentiate the western (and more physiological) style of needling. Where acupuncture is based on an eastern/oriental paradigm, surrounding energy forces within the body.

Is it successful in decreasing pain?

Again, every person reacts differently; some people will feel like it worked 100% others less… Dry needling is a great adjunct therapy with other treatments like orthotics, stretching, massage, strengthening etc. It has been clinically successful in decreasing heel pain, muscle-related foot pain and shin splints.

Got further questions about our dry needling service?

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