Running Injuries

Overcome running injuries and reach your goals.

Runners are passionate about running. And at Podiatry First Sports, we know there’s nothing more frustrating for runners than not being able to pull on your sneakers and getting out and enjoying the freedom running provides. Which is why our expert podiatrists are committed to getting you back out on the road or trails, free from injury and pain.

Avoiding running injuries at podiatry first sports

Run without limits, free from injury and pain.

At Podiatry First Sports, we love being able to help our clients get back to doing what they love. It’s our greatest satisfaction and highest priority. We know you love running for many reasons; to stay fit and healthy, challenge yourself, and enjoy the freedom that running provides. 

So, if running injuries are holding you back, a biomechanical assessment conducted by our expert podiatrists will have you on your way to achieving your health goals. The in-depth assessment provides an accurate diagnosis of your injury, enabling us to provide you with the most effective treatment plan, customised specifically for you and your health goals, and which focuses on:

By getting to the root cause of your injury and providing you with a personalised treatment plan, we know that your results will be effective and long-lasting. Which means you’ll soon be hitting the road or trails again, doing what you love, pain and injury-free.

Our Simple 3-Step Process Identifies the Problem and Fixes It!



We start with a thorough assessment of your walking and running footwear history, your training goals, your current training regime, and what injuries you’ve suffered. 



Next, we’ll have you complete a walking and running analysis on our treadmill, using the latest video assessment software, which provides accurate results.



Finally, after reviewing your results, our podiatrists will advise you about footwear, training regimes, walking/running techniques, and injury prevention.

Commonly asked questions

Here’s the answers to some commonly asked questions, making it easier for you to find the right Adelaide podiatrist to get you back on your feet and enjoying life again.   

No you do not need a referral.
Yes if you are covered for Podiatry under extras you can use your health fund, we have HICAPS at all clinics so you can claim on the spot.
In a few cases, such as Diabetic patients, Podiatry can be claimed through medicare, this is at your GPS’s discretion.

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