6 tips for buying new running shoes

So next time you’re thinking about buying new shoes consider the following; 1. Only ever buy shoes in the afternoon or immediately after exercise as your feet will be bigger or swollen 2. Take your old shoes along with you so that obvious wear patterns can be identified and taken into consideration for your next […]

Hey Ladies, I recommend you wear Heels!

Over the last eight years I have treated a number of women who have sustained injuries from wearing ballet flats! The flats are out and bring in the heels! Quite often a flat shoe can increase pressure at the heel and bend the forefoot in unusual ways. This can contribute heel and forefoot pain. I […]

A Podiatrist’s guidelines to help you exercise in the correct shoe

Buying a shoe for exercise can be difficult. Walking into a sports store is like walking into a library of shoes; where exactly do you start!? Here, we can help guide you through the process of buying your next shoe, offering you handy information about the ‘dos and don’ts’ of the sport shoe retail; some […]


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