West Lakes Podiatrist talks about Heel Pain

4 Step Guide To Treating Heel Pain Heel pain is the most common problem we see and a lot of heel pain cases can be treated simply by following this 4 step guide each day. It’s quick and easy! So just to be clear, we are talking about heel pain on the bottom of your […]

Low Dye Strap for Heel Pain and arch support

 The low dye strap is without a doubt in our eyes, the best short term treatment for plantar heel pain or plantar fasciitis. We often get asked how it is done, so we have finally got a video for you. The technique works by taking load of the plantar fascia by supporting your arch along with compressing the […]

Help! My child has heel pain: An Adelaide Podiatrist discusses Sever’s Disease.

One of the most common presenting complaints from children (and their parents) is ‘heel pain’. Technically speaking, heel pain relates to a child’s calcaneal (heel bone) growth plate and is usually called Sever’s Disease. The cause of Sever’s Disease is uncertain, but is thought to be related to faster bone growth of the lower leg/foot […]


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