Back-to-school; a podiatrist’s guide on buying children’s shoes.

Buying children’s shoes can be a challenge! They can sometimes wear out their shoes in 6 weeks, grow out of them in one school term, or even lose them! With these following tips hopefully you can buy the appropriate shoe and get the wear and growth that is expected! Buying children’s shoes can be a […]

The truth behind “growing pains”. An Adelaide Podiatrist discusses

Growing Pains: ‘Non-specific leg pain which affects otherwise healthy children.’  (Evans 2010) How many of us have experienced growing pains as a child? The majority of us would agree to YES. In fact, up to 50% of children are affected by it! Growing pains is a common condition in which parents define their child’s aches and pains; […]

Help! My child has heel pain: An Adelaide Podiatrist discusses Sever’s Disease.

One of the most common presenting complaints from children (and their parents) is ‘heel pain’. Technically speaking, heel pain relates to a child’s calcaneal (heel bone) growth plate and is usually called Sever’s Disease. The cause of Sever’s Disease is uncertain, but is thought to be related to faster bone growth of the lower leg/foot […]


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