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Are You Wearing The Correct Shoe To Run Or Walk The City To Bay? A Podiatrist’s Guidelines On Buying The Correct Shoe For Your Needs.

City to Bay is fast approaching and you still might be thinking “am I wearing the correct shoes?”. Everybody knows that walking into a sports store is like walking into a library of shoes; where exactly do you start!? Here, we can help guide you through the process of buying your next shoe before the big event on the 21st September!

    A Podiatrist’s Guidelines:


1. As a podiatrist, we need to consider critical factors which influence the way a shoe will fit and perform which often gets missed during the ‘retail stage’. A person’s weight, height, gender, biomechanics, exercise ability (elite or weekend-warrior), exercise terrain and personal ‘goals’ are all equally important to gather an overall picture of the footwear of what that person is best suited to…

2. Changing exercise footwear for different activities/training sessions is important for injury prevention. For example:

– A trail shoe for running off-road, uneven surfaces.

– A cross trainer for a bit of everything! Running/walking, a hit of tennis and gym Are some examples.

– A mid-high mileage running shoe for walking/running over long distances.

Note – this would be a suitable shoe for those walking or (leisurely) running the City to Bay.

– A lightweight running shoe for race day and fast-paced runs.

Note – this is a good option for those experienced runners, wanting to better their best during the City to Bay!

3. Use technical retail assistance when in doubt. Some stores in South Australia, have excellent relationships with Podiatrists and other allied health and will work in conjunction with the expert advice to find the best shoe fit for you. They also offer FREE foot analysis/screening which is a great personalized service for footwear fitting.

4. There is no one brand better than the other! All sports brand and shoe wear brands offer different features, catering for different foot types. Don’t rely on one brand either, as the shoe market is forever changing and the same shoe from one year to the next may have significant changes to it!

Finally, seek information from a range of people; podiatrists, coaches, physios, elite runners; but don’t draw conclusions from one person only! They may have entirely different needs, and a different foot compared to you!

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