An Adelaide Podiatrist’s shoe review: Mizuno Wave Hitogami

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Mizuno Wave Hitogami: WINNER of Runners World Australia Best Debut July 2014

It replaces the racing flats Wave Ronin and Wave Musha; maintaining lightness in the midsole and overlays, offering just enough structure for the mid-distance runner or interval trainer. It is slightly heavier compared to other racing flats models, like the Asics Hyperspeed, but only marginally. Mizuno has removed some of the typical features seen in it’s other running shoes to make the Wave Hitogami lighter.


  • Mizuno Wave Plate shock distribution technology in the rearfoot
  • Firm/stable heel counter for minimal movement
  • Increased forefoot flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Less rearfoot to forefoot drop compared to other Mizuno running shoes
  • Standard fit D-width in mens and B-width womens
  • Neutral cushioning to accommodate orthotics if needed

The Mizuno Wave Hitogami is a race-day shoe or for lighter runners on training days.

‘It’s a firm, lightweight and responsive running shoe, great for my warm-ups, running drills (before I spike-up for my sprint sessions) and interval/circuit training’, Hayley Openshaw – Podiatry Student, Sprinter and Mizuno Australia Podiatry Student Ambassador

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