Adelaide podiatrist discusses shoes

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Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Australian Sports Medicine Conference in Sanctuary Cove where some of  the most acclaimed international researchers were speaking.

I learnt that barefoot running can now officially be classified as a ‘FAD.’ Historically it appears humans become obsessed with throwing away our shoes about every 30 years, with a predicted barefoot craze to occur again in the year 2035! The research just doesn’t back up any of hype that started this craze.

BUT…the barefoot fad has changed running shoes for the better, with shoes now  lighter and more adaptable to the runner and their individual needs.We are also changing the way we recommend your next running shoe. Other factors such as body weight, running intensity, previous running shoe history, forefoot flex, overall fit and comfort maybe just as if not more important than arch support and cushioning levels.

Happy Running