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6 tips for buying new running shoes

So next time you’re thinking about buying new shoes consider the following;

1. Only ever buy shoes in the afternoon or immediately after exercise as your feet will be bigger or swollen

2. Take your old shoes along with you so that obvious wear patterns can be identified and taken into consideration for your next purchase

3. Always try more than one pair of shoes on, as from year to year brands change their shoes in fit, size and function.

4. If possible, utilise a treadmill to walk or run in the shoes to gauge comfort

5. Make a decision based on comfort and not look….if you are serious about your foot health!!!

6.Try the shoes on with socks like you would normally wear for exercise.

If you find it hard to find shoes that are comfortable, I would suggest having a checkup and fitting with our Podiatrist.

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Adam Wiles

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