Get The Right Shoe for you

  • Are you happy with your current running shoes?
  • Do you struggle to find a shoe that is comfortable?
  • Want to make sure you are in the right shoe for foot type?

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Podiatry First Sports has a keen interest in has a keen interest in Sports Podiatry and many years experience treating a range of sports related injuries.  With our knowledge of foot and leg mechanics, we can perform a thorough bio-mechanical assessment followed by immediate walking/running shoe prescription.

We use the latest video gait analysis technology to assess your walking and running mechanics in slow motion.


3 Step Running Shoe Analysis

Step 1. Assessment of  your  training and shoe wear history along with any injuries.

Discussion on previous walking and running shoes and any problems you have had along with training goals and program.


Step 2. Complete Walking and Running Analysis on our Treadmill

Walking and running assessment on our treadmill using our Gait assessment software.


Step 3. Discussion & Prescription of Correct running or walking Shoe

We can assess and do a thorough footwear assessment using our computer system.  

Additional advice on stretching/strengthening techniques, sock wear, training regimes, walking/running techniques and lacing techniques are also provided.

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* Adelaide CBD clinic only.