Get Pain Free Again

  • Frustrated by ongoing Foot Pain?
  • Unable to  run or exercise because of sore feet or legs?
  • Do you keep having to pull out of that fun run you entered as you are just too sore to complete your training?
  • Does your child limp after sport due to heel pain?

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Experienced & Caring Podiatrists

We have treated hundreds of people just like you, enabling them to get back exercising or running pain free again. Our 3 step system will identify the problem and then fix it!


Step 1. Complete and thorough  assessment


At Podiatry First Sports we analyse the foot and leg and assess each client by means of standing, walking and running on a specialised computer system. This enables us to accurately diagnose your injury and work out why it occurred in the first place.


Step 2. Diagnosis & Tailored treatment plan


We will build a treatment plan to help you meet your goals. We offer a broad range of treatment options, not just necessarily orthotics. We also have an onsite physiotherapist.


Step 3.  Correct Running Shoe Fitting* and Advice  (Includes 10% off shoe purchase)


We can assess and do a thorough footwear assessment using our computer system.

Why Choose Podiatry First Sports?

  • Experienced & enthusiastic Podiatrists
  • The Latest Therapies & Techniques
  • Professional Footwear Advice
  • Gap Free Follow Up Orthotics For Life
  • Gap Free Assessments & Orthotics for Family Members (Children)


Call now (08) 8232 2268 Adelaide CBD to book an assessment and let us get you pain free.

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