What If you could Keep Training?

Podiatry First Sports are proud to announce the latest in sports medical rehab, The AlterG® treadmill.


  • Unable To train or exercise due to  injury or surgery?
  • Feeling  down because you can’t get that endorphin release?
  • Frustrated by loss of fitness whilst injured?


The AlterG® treadmill is a medical rehabilitation treadmill that enable us to unweight you during walking and running. We are able to reduce your body weight by up to 80% up to speeds of 18km/h.


Get back Training earlier with our AlterG Recovery Program


Step 1: Assess Stage of Recovery and Future Training Goals


We will talk through with you where you are currently at with your injury or problem and where you want to be with your training in the future. You may be returning from surgery, recovering from an injury that has required you to rest or looking to get into running but feel your body isn’t quite ready for it yet.


Step 2: Design walking or running recovery Program


We then design your program. Programs usually go from 2 to 10 weeks depending on the your particular circumstances and involves starting you off at significantly reduced gravity loads and speeds and then gradually increasing the loads as you heal.


Step 3: Get Back training on Adelaide’s only Commercial AlterG.


By getting you up and running (or walking) we can reduce the  loss of specific fitness. As you are running at reduced body weight, the impact or load on the injured structure is greatly reduced but you can maintain a  level of  cardio vascular fitness, not possible before.

Special Introductory Offer: Receive A No-Gap/ No out of Pocket expense* assessment, Recovery Program and 15 minute session on our AlterG  Treadmill with our Podiatrists or Physio. Value $95


Call now (08) 8232 2268 Adelaide CBD to book an assessment and let us get you pain free.


*Special Offer also available to clients without Health Insurance. Please mention Offer when calling

Who is it for?

The AlterG® has many applications however its primary uses are:


  1. Keep you moving through an injury which would ordinarily have forced you to stop or greatly reduce your training. By reducing your body weight, this will in turn reduce the load on your joints, muscles, ligaments and specific injury. You are therefore able to maintain your current fitness level, without causing further damage.
  2. Allow a gradual staged return to full body weight training. Tendon injuries do not respond well to rest. By gradually increasing the load on a tendon we are able to strengthening it dynamically preparing it for full body weight walking or running.
  3. Rehabilitation post surgery. Get moving sooner after surgery by keeping joints moving following surgery.
  4. Weightloss. Unload arthritic hips, knees and feet to enable pain free walking and running.


For more information visit AlterG.com.